Is Twitter bigger than Facebook?

This of course depends on how you measure it…

Social Media experts are convinced that Facebook is the future of marketing, future of the internet and the future of, well… everything… Although this might be partly true, If you ask the academicians they clearly prefer Twitter over Facebook…

Take the figure below which shows the number of academic papers published about Facebook and twitter in the last 3 years. Twitter caught up to Facebook in 2009 and last year there were more academic papers published about Twitter than Facebook. A potential impact of Twitter can be attributed to its easiness to use by academicians unlike facebook which involves tons of privacy issues. Regardless, these numbers suggest that there are and will be many contenders against FBs hegemony in the realm of OSNs.FYI: there are more than 3000 articles published about Facebook and Twitter. Google scholar, key words: allintitle:Facebook vs. allintitle:twitter

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