SNS Estimates in Japan

Recently we have been conducting focus group studies with the college students, housewives about facebook usage, but most of the people we talk to dont even know what facebook is…

We are also working on fb brand pages global analysis. We found out that in Japan the brand with the highest number of fb followers is  Miyamatsu Net, a marketing company focuses on fb brand page building. Additionally,  according to Google insights, the two most popular fb related search keywords are fb pages and  fb fan pages. What is more, most of the active fb users in Japan are males while traditionally socialnetworking, especially in Japan, is associated with females. This automatically raises many questions.

On the other hand, above you see the SocialBakers numbers that claim  the number of fb users in Japan increased by 20% in 1 day or 500,000 more people started using fb in 1 day.  Although these numbers might be correct, we kindly advise the internet marketers to look for different resources such as Nielsen data to estimate the market growth.

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3 Responses to SNS Estimates in Japan

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  2. Tim Sullivan says:

    I have been doing my own numbers tracking on FB Japan and came up with a few interesting results. For instance, according to Facebook’s ad data, there are an estimated:

    – 180 people who live in Japan, exactly 13 years old and younger, who are married
    – 1,720 people who live in Japan, exactly 15 years old and younger, who graduated from college
    – 2,035,120 people who live in Japan and who speak Japanese BUT 624,400 who live in Japan and who speak any variety of English (620 of whom prefer speaking Pirate)

    A few additional explanations:
    – The data, first of all, are updated roughly fortnightly.
    – The obvious: Some Japanese users with a certain degree of anonymity and are willing to fib on their profiles to attain this.
    – FB is finally gaining momentum in Japan and either companies are creating dummy accounts to understand better the Facebook ecosystem or are encouraging employees in marketing and other departments to “learn by doing”.
    – Given the events in the past month, it’s possible that some around the world have switched to “Japan” as their locale in order to show solidarity for the nation.

    Estimates are exactly that: estimates.

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