Why Japan is an Outlier

In one of my recent postings I’ve mentioned that Japanese OSN users had the lowest number of avg. network members in the world.
Similar to this, a recent study by Global Web Index shows that Japan has
1- the lowest online social network penetration
2- the lowest percentage of active online social network users
3- the lowest percentage of online group creators.

What is more, Japan’s active online social network users ratio (about 15%) is miniscule compared with the world average (appx. 50%) and still way below than the second lowest country South Korea (appx. 35%)

These can be explained by our recent focus group session findings which indicated that Japanese users are concerned of privacy and security. They also tend to stay away from any online behavior that might disrupt social harmony. Japan is closely followed by Korea, a geographically and culturally the closest country to Japan

As expected, Philippines, Malaysia and Indonesia (South East Asia) are the most social countries which score very high on Hofstede’s cultural collectivism dimension.

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