10 Inspiring Mixi Campaigns (Before September, 2011)

Here are some creative and innovative samples of Mixi campaigns for your inspiration. Please click on the links to better understand the execution of the campaigns.

Honda http://mixiap.com/ap/crz.html

Install the Ole! Ole! CR-Z application on Mixi and add “CR-Z” to your nickname. 1 Mixi user wins a Honda CRZ and 1800 others win free Honda CRZ goods.

Nike http://www.serkantoto.com/2011/06/02/mixi-social-banner-ads-social-networks/

Mixi users design their own Nike shoes and post these customized shoes on their profiles.

2.1 million people visited Nike Firend Studio as a result of the campaign and 345 lucky Mixi users won various gifts from Nike.

ZoZo Town http://www.sweetmusic.jp/blog/2011/06/mixi-zozotown-2000-point.html

Register ZoZo Town via Mixi and receive 2000 yen worth of ZoZo Town points

Apple http://blog.worldending.jp/net/my-mixi-ipod-nano.php

Become friends with IPod Nano on Mixi and win 3 free downloads on Itunes.

Pizza Hut http://koukoku-style.com/yamashiki/377

Birthday gift from Pizza Hut: Pizza Hut sends coupons to Mixi users on their birthday.

Maybelline http://www.mascaramagazine.com/campaign/mixi_eyemake_lesson/

Giant Maybelline advertising on Mixi Login page. Users who click anywhere on the page are directed to Maybelline’s homepage.

Mad PRay Records http://anna-t.com/mixianna/index.html

Buy Anna Tsuchiya’s CD and follow her Mixi Diary. Anna will also write a serial number on her diary (everday?). Mixi users who wrote both Anna’s number and the serial number of their CD on their own diary received screen savers, wallpapers and special pictures of Anna.

Acecook http://www.acecook.co.jp/mixi/index.html
Acecook started their own Mixi group (BEFORE Mixi Brand Pages were allowed) and asked the group members what kind of ramen they wanted to eat. The company received many recommendations and actually produced two new ramens based on the ideas posted on the Mixi group page.

Yumekobu http://www.yumekoubou.info/campaign/mixi.html

Go to Yumekobu and wear a Maiko-san style Kimono. Write about your expereince on your Mixi diary and receive a mobile phone strap from Yumekobu.

Kobayashi Pharmaceuticals http://mixi.jp/view_community.pl?id=1683154

This company used Mixi community pages to understand consumers’ feeling about face lotions.

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