10 Inspiring Twitter Campaigns from Japan

1-Sanyo http://www.umi-island.jp/premium/#/quiz_cp/

Follow @sanyobussan account and answer the quiz questions with #p_umiquiz hashtag. Everyday 6 people who correctly answer the questions win various gifts. The campaign lasted for 15 days.

2- JCB Card http://jcbcard-okaimono.jp/

Follow @JCB_CARD , retweet the account’s tweets and answer the questions asked (e.g. If you had 100,000 yen, what whould you buy? What is the latest thing you bought with your JCB credit card, Where could you use JCB card?). Get a chance to win JCB mascot cell phone strap and JCB Card points.

3- Mister Donut http://www.misterdonut.jp/twitter/index.html

Buy a donut from Mister Donut, take a picture of it and post the picture on twitter with a message. Many lucky entrants won free donuts and surprise gifts. (The campaign ended almost a year ago)

4- Baycrew’s Co. Ltdhttp://style-cruise.jp/feature/110901/twitter/

Follow @StyleCruise and tweet whitch cloth you want to wear. One lucky followee gets 300,000 yen worth of store credit, 9 followees get 100,000 yen store credit.

5- Tully’s http://agilemedia.jp/tullys_now/

Follow @Tullys_Now, and then go to a Tullys shop and tweet タリーズなう (I am at Tully’s now) . 50 people win original Tully’s goods.

6- Volvic &Ito Yokado http://www.ntv7.jp/event/volvic/

Buy a bottle of Volvic and tweet your dream summer vacation including your receipt #. 100 people get 1000 Nanaco points

7- USJ http://www.usj.co.jp/usj_100/
Follow @USJ_Official and retweet (repeat the company’s message) @USJ_Official’s tweet with #usj_100. 5 pairs will get a free daily pass.

8- Yahoo Shopping http://y-12happyoogiri.jp/pc/

Follow @8209 and @yahoo_shopping and tweet about the goods you want from Yahoo Shopping/yahoo Auctions including the hashtag #y12周年大喜利. 100,000 Yahoo Points for 1 person, 50000 points for 2 people, and 10000 for 5 people.

9-Nissen http://present.nissen.co.jp/tieup/201108/poohsan/

Follow @nissencafe and tweet why you like Winny The Pooh with #プーさん大好き hashtag. 13 people get free original Pooh goods.

10- McDonald’s http://www.mcdonalds.co.jp/menu/limited/chicken_tatsuta/bonodori/index.html
Follow @McD_ckn, tweet with #McD_ckn, 100 people will get Mc Card for 1000 yen

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