Social Media or Online Social Networks?

Despite the fact that the term “social media” didn’t even exist 7 years ago, today most of us use the term “social media ” when we are talking about interactive platforms that contain user generated content. Although we are not hundred percent sure who invented the term -Some say it was Brian Solis, a social media expert/pundit/blogger/speaker who coined the term- a quick check on Google Scholar shows that there are more than 9000 papers which had a title that included “social media.” Strangely, in 2006, when both social media and “online social networks” were new, online social networks (OSN) was used more often. It is interesting that today people do not use this term which pretty much means the same thing…

Number of articles with the title “social media” and “online social networks” according to Google Scholar

Social Media-Online Social Networks

Social Media-Online Social Networks

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