My book is coming soon


My goal as an academician is to do as much research as possible to learn more about the adoption of new technologies. I truly hope to contribute to science and society by describing the dynamics of the mass adoption of innovations. That’s why, I recently decided to put together my research findings from the past 7 years in a book where I also explain social media and consumer behavior in simple terms. I’ve been writing the last passages and Ill post the link here on this page when the book is published.

Here’s the tentative cover and the table of contents:


Table of Contents

Fast facts of Social media

Social media in Japan & Asia

Social media and communication theory

The dark side of social media

Social media and culture

Social journalism

Social gaming

Social learning

Social media and socio-biology

Social media and the brain

Social media and the future

Social media and business

Kotler, Drucker, Jobs and social media

Social media campaigns

Social media and consumer psychology

Social media content management

Social media advertising

Social business models and applications

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