Social Media Promotional Campaigns

Pattern 1:

Participants post a message in social media and that message moves a person, a celebrity or an object in real life. The activity then is broadcasted live or shared via media. Examples:

Old Spice

1 Facebook like = 1 balloon

Smile = fresh orange juice

Corona Digital Display

Pattern 2: The brand creates a personalized/customized artwork (video, song, image, etc.) or a product based on users’ photos or messages in social media

Dell’s museum of me

Cadbury’s olympic parade

Pattern 3: The treasure hunt.The brand hides something somewhere and leaves cues in social media for users to find it.

Jimmy Choo

To Catch a Shoe: Jimmy Choo’s Foursquare… 投稿者 FORAtv

Levi’s I spy campaign

Pattern 4: Users Post a message in social media and get something right away

Pattern 5: Users do something in real life and that is shared in social media automatically

Pattern 6: Other campaigns

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